Bring Back The Music – Millwood Campus


Bring Back The Music established a unique and innovative public / private partnership with Millwood Independent School District. Beginning at Millwood High School our program is offered as a part of the high schools daily in school curriculum through a co-teaching agreement. Our program is offered daily during 5th and 6th period.

As a part of our Making the Music Mobile Expansion Initiative, beginning the academic year 2014 – 2015 we have expanded our program to Millwood’s middle school. Our program is offered daily during 6th and 7th period.

BBTM Millwood students in vocal ensembleAt Millwood Bring Back the Music emphasizes three primary areas: exposure, education/training and performance. During each semester students are provided exposure to a variety of performing art forms, including vocal and instrumental music, dance and production. We accomplish this by offering workshops in these various art forms conducted by both BBTM staff and local, regional and nationally recognized performing artist. Additionally we expose the students to various performing arts activities including concerts and festivals.

BBTM Millwood's Dark ChocolateTechnical performance skills are addressed whenever students perform. Students work on small group, ensemble, and whole class musical presentations, and they demonstrate basic ensemble skills in every class. They prepare written and memorized music for formal and informal performances. Structured, choreographed body movements can help maintain student interest and focus. Students apply knowledge of treble, bass clef, and the grand staff in arranging rhythmic and melodic phrases.