What is Bring Back The Music

Bring Back The Music is an innovative performing arts educational program that targets the most vulnerable students particularly those from Title One Schools.

In the wake of public schools having to cut their budgets, performing arts has become a typical causality. Without the offering of performing arts education low-income and disadvantaged students are denied an essential component within their overall educational development.

Performing arts education reaches beyond the fundamentals of music education. Extensive research indicates that arts education enhances healthy neurological brain development. Additionally performing arts provides intellectual, social and emotional benefits including building healthy self-esteem.

Bring Back The Music provides quality performing arts education to students in central Oklahoma. While available to all students we target students from low income and disadvantaged families. Since our inception in 2010 we have provided direct services to more than 350 students.

Every student is not a natural athlete. Not every student is a talented scientist, engineer or mathematician. Some students are gifted performing artists. We are committed to providing arts education to students regardless of their zip code or ability to pay.


The target market for Bring Back the Music is community residents’ grades 3 thru 12, who have some interest in participating in the performing arts. This may be their first organized performing arts experience or they may be more experienced performers.

All students are exposed to all aspects of music education. However when instructors discover distinct talents of individual students, those students will receive more individualized fast –track instruction in that area of talent.